About 25120.org

I’m an electrical engineer who goes by the handle fruchti on GitHub and Hackaday.io (and, well, in real life, too). I built this site to share some development stories for my personal side projects; projects where I can take a more general approach and commit fully to experimentation and yak shaving rather than taking a more straight-forward problem solving and engineering. I hope it to be a source of inspiration by presenting unconventional perspectives and details on problems which might seem bland at first.

This site is named after the legendary Signetics 25120, which also serves as a metaphor for its minimal purpose: Writing a blog as an end in itself, both for gathering my thoughts in a sensible manner and for additional motivation to wrap up and document the infamous ‘90% done’ side projects.

Don’t be surprised that there are some rather old and irregular posts here. The thought of creating a blog has been sitting in the back of my head for a long time; it is itself a side project I wanted to tackle for quite a while, but haven’t gotten around to. Some posts are thus about projects I had completed long before the first line of code for this site existed, so I decided to backdate these accordingly.